Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Been tossing around ideas for Paul Richards' Substrata project recently, so I had a quick go at an idea in zbrush.

Super work in progress, but been having fun with the idea of an alien necromancer, who is able to summon the digital representations of the dead. I'm imaging the final with tons of digital glowie demons around our guy here and some techie armor / readouts.  Wanting to put a slight sci-fi twist on this one, as generally necromancers tend to get lumped into the super high fantasy, elves and magic world.

I also may use this zbrush version as a basis for a work in traditional clay, seeing as there is some time before the August 1st deadline.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Carlos Huante / Anatomy Tools Workshop!

So I've been so overwhelmed with many things happening in life that I haven't had the chance to post about my experience at the workshop I went to last week. It's already been a week since the class ended and my head is still spinning from how awesome it was.  Massive props to the whole anatomy tools staff for making the whole experience great. From being picked up from my hotel and shuttled to the workshop, to the very hands on nature of the whole workshop. Nuggets of awesome all over.

I was able to draw and sculpt for 5 days with a designer and sculptor that I've looked up too since I started school many years ago. We spent 2 days drawing and refining our character, and then three days sculpting.

Here are some shots I took from the workshop, process of the creature I worked on as well as others.

With Carlos, at the end of the workshop

The anatomy legend, Andrew Cawrse

Final Sculpt (although unfinished sculpt)