Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Based this one of a sketch by my good friend and co-worker Kynan Pearson. When he's not being a boss and handling business as lead on Halo multiplayer, he has been sketching a bunch of rad creatures and been making me want to sculpt them all!

Been kinda sick today, and wasn't able to get to visit my dad in the hospital because I didn't want to risk getting him sick, so I got some time to just sit and sculpt. 

Here's the sketch

And my current wip, I'm working on getting things done faster. Need to find a quick way to get believable fur. I'm really happy with where I got this guy today. Definitely going to finish him up, and might consider getting him 3D printed. 

1 comment:

Jonathan Teng said...

look at that! Mo'hotness! ;)

(ps. Hope your pops gets better. My prayers, buddy.)